Custom Drums - Head Drums in Colorado

I was recently introduced to the beautiful custom drums produced by Head Drums.

Steve Meyer is the creator of Head Drums in Lakewood Colorado. He is attempting to change the benchmark for quality, handcrafted drums. Using truly beautiful and unique woods to create instruments that are a visual and auditory work of art, with incredible tonality and response.

Dedicated to making the best sounding drums, Steve starts with superior drumshells and a greater variety of woods to choose from, so you get the right drum sound for your playing style.

Head Drums manufactures the only thin shell stave drums using a unique method of shaping the wood so that there is no residual stress and each stave is shaped to high precision in order to make the shell. In most cases the shell is made from a single board insuring that the density of the shell is consistent. This process allows Head Drums to produce a shell that is 1/4” thick, giving you the widest possible dynamic range, and producing a drum with incredible sensitivity.