Drum Tips - Gaffers Tape

Gaffers tape looks a lot like duct tape but it is different! (for drummers it's better than duct tape) It's a cloth tape, like duct tape, but it can be removed cleanly because it uses a synthetic rubber adhesive rather than a natural rubber adhesive.

Also, Gaffers tape has a mat finish, not glossy or shinny like duct tape so that the bright lights on a movie set do not reflect off it and create lighting problems on the set. More importantly, it is less slippery when your fingers are dripping sweat in the middle of a set. I have used it to tape the handle of drum sticks, mark stands, muffle drum heads, etc.. Gaffers tape is a thick, high-quality cloth tape that absorbs high frequency tones well. It works great for muffling toms, and is very strong so in an emergency it can mend many broken parts on a drum set. I have used it to tape stands together when they failed, and taped drum heads up to get through the rest of a show. I have used it to tape an old snare drum head on top of a broken one to finish the last song of a set. Gaffers tape used to be difficult to locate, but lately, you can generally find it at Home Depot or Lowes and it is easily available online. Here is a link to the amazon page:

Gaffer's Tape

Unfortunately, gaffers tape is more expensive than duct tape, but well worth the extra price.