Drum Tips - Just Being Yourself

DON'T get trapped trying too hard to:
  • "walk to the beat of a different drummer"
  • "be unique"
  • "be distinctive"
DON'T worry about always thinking "out of the box" when creating drum sounds.

Don't TRY to be unique, or different. Just be yourself! YOU ARE UNIQUE!

Sometimes playing fewer drums and less interesting parts are best because they let other parts of the song really shine!

Just play what you honestly believe is the best drum part for the song. Because you are unique, your drum parts will be too!

Even if you start thinking about how some of your favorite drummers might approach a song it is also a unique approach. I might think that a funk groove with a little Stewart Copeland style high-hat work and some odd-time fills would be the perfect part to a song - and you come up with a Kid Rock meets Max Roach approach. Totally different drum parts, both might sound PERFECT for the song, and both are Totally ORIGINAL! Totally UNIQUE!