Small Drums - Where have you gone Rick Parries?

I was very sad today to discover that is appearantly gone.

It was a site where one could purchase very, very groovy model drum sets. Miniture versions of famous drum sets through history. Such fabulous things as a model of Ringo's great Ludwig kit from the Beatles touring days. Other great drummers whose sets they have miniture replicas of include Buddy Rich, Stewart Copeland, and Eric Carr of KISS.

I was very excited about them when I first saw their site last year. These little, tiny drum sets looked amazing. I am glad I had downloaded photos of my favorite kits that they have made. I had thought about ordering a miniture version of my D'Amico set, I guess it's a little late for that now.

If you hear anything about finding them again, or any other miniture drum set manufacturers please send me a note and let me know.

Here is a photo of their Buddy Rich set:
Buddy Rich Mini Drum Set Front


UPDATE - April 15, 2011

Small Drums

Rick Parries is genius at crafting miniture drum sets. As of April 15, 2011 I have not seen any web activity for his work in the past few years.

They are beautifully executed, works of art. He has built miniature kits of many favorite drummers set-ups – from Buddy Rich to Ringo Starr.

The drums are very detailed, with many fully adjustable moving parts. The perfect shelf decoration!

I am informed that collector, Ron Richlinski, has picked up a few of these kits on eBay at reasonable prices. I have yet to find one for myself.

UPDATE: February 14, 2012

I received a note from Ron Richlinski today.
Ron says:

I somehow stumbled on your site here because my name was linked to your site.
I am currently having a Black keys miniature kit built for me by Rick Parries, the owner/artist of these drums.
He is still in business making drums with plans on starting up a new website soon.
I believe he is still taking on new orders, but they are not cheap and they take several weeks if not months sometimes to get.

Thanks for the update Ron. I hope to see Rick Parries website up and running soon.
I will post an update here if I hear any more information.