Drum Tips - Becoming a Successful Musician

One of the guys from - either The Stone Roses or Oasis - I can't remember who but it doesn't really matter – anyhow - he liked the saying "Shoot for the stars, and you might just hit the moon!"

Setting your goals high will help take you further in life than those who set low goals. However, remember that setting the goals is only the first part.

The elevator to success is always out of order.
You must take the stairs – one step at a time.
  1. Set your goals
  2. Break down the steps you need to take to realistically achieve your goal into yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals.
  3. Accomplish every one of your daily goals!

This is really true for anything in life - being a great drummer, being a great lawyer, being a great ANYTHING!

The only real secret to success is to have a realistic plan, broken down into daily steps. Finish one step every day and eventually you will reach your goal!

The key here is "REALISTIC" plan. If the goal is "become a rich & famous drummer" then the plan will be very complicated. There are a LOT of daily steps. It will likely take years to move through them and there are a LOT of diversions along the way.

If you create a realistic plan, and follow it diligently – you WILL eventually succeed!